The true standard of wine, a precious pearl of Georgian winemaking. “Khvanchkara” has a rich silky taste with a trace of light spicy bitterness and a rich bouquet with the aroma of raspberries and cherries. It goes well with desserts and fruits.


“Barakoni” has a dark ruby color, with natural tones prevailing in its bouquet. This wine is recommended for meat dishes.


Fans of dry table wine will be delighted with the aroma of wild berries and the rich bouquet of Alexandrouli. This wine is usually served with grilled meats.

Tetra Semi-sweet

The second name of this wine is “White Khvanchkara”. A soft amber-colored “Tetra” has a delicate, exquisite aroma and a magical afterglow. Goes well with desserts, cheeses, and fruits.

Tetra Dry

It has a delightfully delicate aroma and an unforgettable final fruity taste. The unique dry wine “Tetra” is produced in limited quantities and is recommended for poultry, fish, and salads.

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