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The Bugeuli winery was founded in the heart of the Racha region in the early 90s of the XX century. In the following years, we developed these lands more and more so that all our wines were made exclusively from our own grapes.
Georgian Wineyards
Georgian Sun
Georgian Soul


In 2014, the Bugeuli winery was modernized, in compliance with modern winemaking standards using the latest Italian equipment to produce unforgettable wines of unique local grapes.


Ancient Legacy
Georgia is the motherland of winemaking for over 8000 years. Recent archaeological finds show that the wine was being produced in this territory already in the sixth millennium BC, which makes Georgia the cradle of wine.
Unique Climate
The mild climate of Georgia and the moist Black Sea air provide the best conditions for growing grapes. Summer here is always sunny and winter is mild and frost-free.
Agricultural Diversity
There are more than 500 grape varieties in Georgia, the most of which could be grown exclusively in this territory. Historically, Georgian wines are named according to the original region or village.

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